Testing your app's integration

This section describes the use of the EIDU integration test app. We encourage you to use it while developing your integration.

Learning Test App

The learning test app allows you to test your integration. To make it work, you should implement all aspects of the interface as described in the integration library section.


After downloading and installing the app on your device, you can test your integration by adding your learning package to it. Upload the learning package to the device, for instance to its Downloads folder, and you will be able to choose it with the Add learning package button on the test app's main screen. If you have not created a learning package yet you can also test your app by adding the data manually.

The test app will parse your learning package, using the metadata, icons and learning unit files in it, to allow you to start your units. After returning from your units, it will show you what response it received.

Automated Testing

We are currently working on extending the test app with automated testing facilities for your learning app integration. These will allow you to run automated tests that verify that your app's behavior complies with the specification.