Sample integration

This section describes the implementation of a sample app that can help you learn how to integrate your own app into the EIDU platform. We also provide a sample learning package that includes the sample app to help you create a package with your content.

Sample App

The sample app is built to work directly with the integration test app. Just download the sample learning package onto the device and import it in the test app. The sample app's sources are publicly available.

In accordance with learning app guidelines the sample app does not provide its own launcher icon. All its functionality is started through the test app.

The sample app demonstrates the interface between a learning app and EIDU:

  • It contains a simple UI which shows the information sent by the test app when it requested to start a unit, using the integration library to parse the launch intent.

  • It allows the user to choose what result to return to the test app, and then uses the integration library to return the chosen data.