Integration library: A Java library we provide to make the integration of your app into the EIDU platform as simple as possible. See how to use it when implementing inter-app communication.

Integration sample app: An app that showcases how we integrate learning apps. For more information, see Integration sample app.

Integration test app: An app we provide that verifies that your app complies with the interface requirements and that your learning package is consistent. For more information, see Integration test app.

Learning package: An archive that contains all the data required by the EIDU platform to integrate and launch your learning units. It includes your application’s APK, the list of learning units your app supports, and additional resources like icons and assets. Also see the learning package documentation.

Learning unit: A single playable unit of learning content within your app. Typically, it contains a small number of related exercises. The typical user should require one or two minutes to complete it.