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EIDU is an open learning platform that runs on Android devices. It is implemented in education systems in low-income countries, supporting governments in increasing overall learning outcomes. The EIDU platform allows for the integration of Android learning apps in a way similar to Apple’s ClassKit on iOS. The EIDU app takes care of many things, such as:

  • managing students and classes
  • presenting learning units in accordance with local curricula
  • collecting learning assessments and optimizing learning paths
  • handling asynchronous data transfer for app updates, asset downloads, and usage data uploads even with only occasional Internet connectivity and many other things in order to allow learning apps to focus on the most important aspect of it all: the creation of highly effective learning experiences.

Major steps

In this documentation, you will learn all you need to know in order to integrate your learning app into the EIDU platform. Your app will not be launched by the user directly; instead, individual learning units of your app will be launched by EIDU on behalf of the user. For this to work, you need to take the following four steps:

  1. Implement inter-app communication to allow EIDU to launch learning units in your app, and to allow your app to receive any assets your app needs to run those learning units.
  2. Adjust your app’s behaviour to ensure a consistent user experience among all integrated learning apps.
  3. Create a learning package which includes:
    • Your adapted app’s APK.
    • Some metadata needed by EIDU in order to communicate with your app.
    • The list of learning units supported by your app.
    • An icon for each learning unit, which may be displayed to the user by the EIDU app as a preview.
    • Any assets your learning units require. The EIDU app will make them available to your app on the device - your app will not have access to the Internet.
  4. Test your learning package with the integration test app to determine whether your adapted app is in compliance with our technical requirements.
  5. Submit your learning package, allowing us to integrate your learning units into our curriculum system and to then progressively roll them out to our users.

In order to support your integration efforts, we have created a sample app to demonstrate what a learning package and an integrated app might look like.

We appreciate your interest and hope that you will decide to integrate your learning app into the EIDU platform in order to make your learning content available to the millions of children most in need. In case you have any questions regarding the integration or any comments regarding this documentation, we will be delighted to hear from you at