Adjusting your app’s behavior

In order to ensure that your app can be seamlessly integrated, and to ensure a consistent experience across all learning apps, your app should fulfil certain requirements. In case any requirements are difficult for you to fulfil, please get in touch with our product team at so we can find a solution.

The requirements your app should fulfil are:

  1. You will need to create a dedicated build of your application to fulfil all requirements. Therefore, this build needs to use a package name different from the package name used elsewhere (for example on the Play Store), so as to avoid any conflicts.

  2. Your app is not visible in the Android launcher. This can be achieved by not declaring a LAUNCHER category in any intent filter.

  3. The app's declared name is "EIDU <your app name>".

  4. Your app does not ask the user to grant it any permissions.

  5. It does not require an Internet connection (for various technical reasons, only the EIDU app has occasional and restricted Internet access).

  6. No Internet communication takes place with any external services, e.g. for analytics purposes, even if there is a connection (e.g. on WiFi). Our users will not have the opportunity to accept your privacy policy, which is why this is a legal requirement.

  7. While your app is starting up, a completely black splash screen is shown.

  8. At the end of a unit, brief feedback - such as an animation - may be given, but no further user interaction must be required.

  9. The user interface layout is standardised across all learning apps, but you may use your own styling:

    1. There must be an abort button in the top left corner of the screen.

    2. An optional help button may be located in the top right corner.

    3. An optional progress indicator may be located at the top in the center.

    4. There are no other controls that are not required for gameplay.

  10. The initial launch of the app takes no more than 10 seconds, and subsequent launches of a unit take at most 3 seconds - on current low-end smartphones (Android 8, 1.3 GHz quad-core, 1 GB RAM).

  11. Keep the screen on for at least the duration of the inactivity timeout.

Your app should now be fully adapted to run within the EIDU platform. Next, create a learning package.